Saunas Built & Delivered Anywhere In The U.P.

Saunas Can be built to custom specification, or you can request one of our standard builds templates. Our saunas typically follow the same format as our sheds which makes them comfortable, spacious, and easy to customize. You’ll love the traditional cedar that we use, giving the your sauna authenticity. We also use best practices for implementing the stoves we use. In the display on this page you’ll notice a perfectly tiled placement for the stove. This not only ensures safety, but helps with heating efficiency! Call us for more information: 906-362-4803!

Features of a Premium Sauna

Premium UP Sheds offers a variety of sizes and low-cost delivery U.P. wide, but every Sauna Premium builds includes the following features or options:

  • Maximum Use Of Overhead Space
  • Changing Room w/ Benches
  • Authentic Cedar Wood Interior
  • A Tiled Stove Area
  • A Steam Stove
  • Long Lasting LP SmartSide and trims
  • Built for harsh U.P. Winters

Why Choose Us

We Get it Right for Your Needs

Premium Sheds specializes in getting you the right size shed in the right location.

Premium Builds Year Round

With year round on-site custom building, you are sure to get the shed that fits all of your needs.

We know the Upper Peninsula

We know the Upper Peninsula and it’s harsh winters. We build to project your items from the heavy snows and icy storms.

All Builds are Versatile

Premium Sheds are perfect for your storage needs at home, camp, or at your business.

Customize Your Sauna

We can build any custom size and anything under 8’x20′ or below, we will deliver to you!  Give us a call and let’s get you a new sauna built!

If our sizes don’t meet your needs, Premium UP Sheds will build to your specifications. Remember to verify your local zoning laws first.

Premium also provides free site inspection! Nate will come look at your proposed site BEFORE delivery or on-site build, to assure that there are no unwanted surprises!