May 9, 2016

Get a 10’x20′ Gambrel Shed from Premium Pole Buildings and Storage Sheds

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Marquette, MI  –  May 9, 2016  – Premium Pole Building and Storage sheds has a brand new Gambrel Shed sitting at Menards. The 10’x20′ shed features Premium’s new PRIME Trim. The style is meant to match the siding of the shed completely, unlike previous models where the door frames were bare wood.

All Gambrel sheds have Dutch inspired roof lines that provide large amounts of overhead space inside the shed. This roof style also ensures that any water or snow is shed form the building rather that sitting on top and weighing down the roof.

This 10’x20′ Gambrel also has doors on both ends of the structure allowing you to get to both the front and back of your shed. You can block the front doorway by putting a 4-wheeler inside while still getting to everything else in the shed from the second set of doors! All of Premium’s wood sheds are lined with deluxe architectural shingles that are meant to last! This shed’s roof also comes with the new breathing system Premium has added into their builds. The ventilation system should help  keep your shed cooler in summer time!

Visit Menards and view this Gambrel shed for yourself. You can buy it, or get ideas for your own custom Gambrel.

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